Club Membership


Azure Lorica understands the value of hands-on experience, and the limitations of internships and externships, and the legal issues that prevent many students from learning from the professionals, and build their resume.

Hence, we created the Operation Committee. This allowed us to find volunteers that merited qualifications into our Board of Directors. Some have enjoyed the prestige, but many merely require the resume for their career goals.

And to the many, we agree and came up with a way to connect these volunteers to professionals through each production. As volunteers, you are working pro bono to help us produce events and manage actors, writers, and producers. We work with international talents, and hope that you can take advantage of our connections in the following industries: film, book, and stage (music/theatre).

Membership is free, as a volunteer. 

Club Hierarchy

There are prizes in holding your position in each club. They are earned through merit, which is to learn, advocate and preserve Azure Lorica's mission.

Each title is awarded with a unique bookmark, and will be recorded as the club member's identity:
  1. Travelers are trained in mental health awareness before volunteering
  2. Guardians volunteer for a full season
  3. Masters/Mistresses recruit and train Travelers in updates on mental health awareness
These levels are made to build trust and showcase dependability. As an Antibully Society, we are conscious of socio-political changes, and we need to be prepared and prepare our volunteers for sensitive matters in racial awareness, mental health awareness, and any issues with inequality. 

The Alpha Ring

Due to the nature of our fundraisers, we've created a tradition from judging the winners of our competitions. This is a volunteer position, whereby winners and performers from prior festivals are hand-picked by the Board of Directors, to judge the upcoming film festivals. A letter is sent to welcome the Judge, and once their job is complete, a wolf themed ring is awarded to them - congratulating them for their time and service to our cause.