Zine Short Stories '22 - Deadline: May 15th, 2022

 Azure Lorica is seeking a three-part short story to feature in our Summer, Autumn, and Winter volumes of the Azure Lorica Magazine. Submission is free, unlimited submissions accepted, but only one story per author will be considered, if accepted in publication. 

Here are the following rules for submissions:

  1. the story must be in three parts
  2. each part must be at least 750 words
  3. submission must be attached to an email, with your name and bio in the body of said email
  4. email must be titled "Attn: Zine Short Stories '22"
  5. email must be addressed to: "Eugene Cordell, Publisher" 
  6. email must be sent to: info@azurelorica.org
  7. each part of the story must be in separate .pdf files
  8. submission's copyright will be partial, and limited to one year (or 365 days) from each part's publication date
  9. submission must be written in English
  10. content of submission can have adult content
  11. submission must be a short story, and not a chapter or prologue or epilogue to an original piece
  12. submission will follow this year's synopsis:
Your character is suffering from impostor syndrome. They're hired to consult on a professional matter. It's the dead of winter, and your advice will mean life or death for the client. 

 Feel free to be creative with time, genre, and any variable that can make your story interesting. Due to Azure Lorica Magazine accepting adult content, short stories will have labels placed above its title, such as, mild violence, sexual content, etc.

We are open for comments, below, until submission deadline is closed.