FanFilm Awards '22 - Deadline: May 15, 2022

FanFilm Awards (FFA) has always been a magical time for all of us in the Azure Lorica. And in 2022, we are going strong, and returning by August 5-7, adopting the end of summer, as our festival date for Nominees to take the stage!

This festival invites filmmakers and scriptwriters to submit fanfiction internationally. The prize are our hand carved wooden sword trophies. These beautiful weapons are LARP friendly and are a wonderful piece to showcase for winning Azure Lorica's greatest film festival. 

The schedule for FFA is, currently, as follows:

  • May 15, 2022/Submission Deadline: submit via

  • Aug 5-7, 2022/Festival Programs

  • Aug 8, 2022/Finalists Announced

  • Aug 12, 2022/Winners Announced

To learn more about it, please visit:


We add the winning films into our playlist, showcased right when you enter the website, and share interviews on our blogs via FanFilm Awards.

Typically, we bring everyone together for Q&A's, screenings and live readings, and perform the ceremony with a concert and announcements. It's a fun formula, and everyone benefits in all the excitement. But this year will be different, as we will be doing the announcements weeks after the Summer Gala. The countdown begins after the showcase on August 7th. 

Prior to it, all the Nominees will be allowed to have their script or film showcased, and have their panel recorded on zoom. Dispensing with the competitive spirit, and cultivating the main purpose of these majestic Artists' contribution: fundraising for our antibullying campaign.

Submission fees and ticket sales all go to Azure Lorica's operation fund and donation fund to charities that aid to our cause. Learn more at:


FanFilm Awards will be hosting its Nominee Program at the annual Azure Lorica Summer Gala. Here, we will welcome everyone, invite them to enjoy our events and games, and invite the public to screen, listen, and experience how artists around the world can come together for one good cause.

All media collected from the Summer Gala are published on the Azure Lorica Magazine. It's a wonderful way to have quarterly publications of interviews, artwork, and more available for our patrons. 

The celebrations are done mostly on zoom. We, however, are attempting to setup a live event, in Southern California. Follow us on facebook and instagram for more details.

By purchasing your ticket, you'll be given a link to the event. On the date of the event, you will be prompted to log into zoom, and there you'll be able to access the Q&A's and live readings. 

Screenings this year will be shared via blog or social media. Please follow us and our Nominees for links to watch their films. We will not be showcasing their work, as bandwidth with many attendees are most likely to not match ours, for the event. 

We encourage everyone to watch these fanfilms prior to the event, or catch them listed on the FanFilm Awards website ( on the day of, and meet the filmmakers at their Q&A: Summer Gala (

More details coming soon.